Burma Sponsorship Fund

I know that everybody in the Association values extremely highly the contribution of our WW2 members.

It is both an honour and privilege to be able to get together with them and share their unique experiences.

With this in mind I am very grateful to Alec West who suggested at our AGM the formation of a Burma Fund,

so that with voluntary contributions, we are able to part or hopefully fully sponsor the WW2 members at our two

gatherings every year.

This fund will be entirely separate from our normal Association Fund and will consist entirely of voluntary contributions

from Association members. It will be managed by our treasurer Paul Field. I would like to suggest a target for the year of £1500 to fully sponsor our

20 WW2 members at both events. I am very keen to maintain our completely free membership of the Association

but I feel that a contribution to this fund would be an extremely worthy cause.


If you feel that you can contribute please send a cheque payable to " XI Squadron Association " and send to


Iain Small

8 Dove Close



CW11 1SY