Contact Information and Communication

We are in the process of updating the contact information for Association Members.

Some of the information we have is now out of date. Also many members do not have an email address listed.

The plan is for email to be our primary means of contact to inform and manage  future events. Surface mail is both slow and expensive.

I appreciate that some of our number do not have access or the desire to be on email. If that is the case, mail or telephone will continue to be used.

Please could I ask everyone to email me -    - with their updated contact details :-

First name - Surname - Address - Telephone numbers - Email -


The membership list in many cases  does not show when our members served on the Squadron - we may still have some WW1 members out there!

If possible could members please add - what years they served on XI - where based - aircraft and trade.

The only information that will appear in public would be a members email address, when sending an information mail via the XI mail list.

If a member wishes their email address to remain confidential please annotate; any information will then be sent directly rather than via a list.