From Wing Commander M J Tetlow MA RAF

 XI (Fighter) Squadron

          Royal Air Force Leeming

          Northallerton,  North Yorkshire,

 DL7 9NJ


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All XI(F) Squadron Association Members


Reference: XIS/1210/2/Org





Date:         November 2005


Dear Association Member




At the XI(F) Squadron Association Annual General Meeting, held at RAF Leeming on 11th June 2005, I was tasked with informing Association Members of the whereabouts of the Squadron Standard, Silver and Squadron Memorabilia, following the disbandment of the Squadron on 31st October 2005.


In a short ceremony on 3rd November, the Squadron Standard was placed on display in the Rotunda of College Hall Officers’ Mess, RAF Cranwell where it will remain until required for the XI(F) Squadron Reformation Ceremony in 2 year’s time.


The XI(F) Squadron Silver was catalogued, re-valued for insurance purposes, and transported to RAF Coningsby on 2nd November.  The silver has been placed in the secure silver vault of the Officers’ Mess where it will remain until next required.


The XI(F) Squadron Aircrew and Groundcrew Memorabilia, including all paintings and pictures, was catalogued and packed prior to transportation to RAF Coningsby on 4th November.  The collection of memorabilia is being stored in a secure room in the Officer’s Mess until the new XI(F) Squadron premises have been allocated and are ready to receive the items.


During the dormant period before the Squadron reforms, the storage and safeguarding of the silver and memorabilia will be overseen by 2 Officers who until recently served on XI(F) Squadron and who are now serving at RAF Coningsby.


Finally, just prior to disbandment the Squadron Site Guardian, Lightning XR753, was refurbished and painted in the XI(F) ‘special’ paint scheme of Air defence grey surmounted by a black fin and spine.  Re-designated ‘XI’ it joined its cousin Tornado F3 ‘XI’ to provide a striking backdrop to the disbandment parade on 31st October.  The Lightning will be transported to RAF Coningsby in mid-November where it will be stored until such time as it is required to once more guard the XI(F) Squadron HAS site and its complement of Typhoons.


I very much hope this news will reassure you that all the historic items are catalogued and securely located in readiness for the reformation of XI(F) Squadron as a Typhoon Unit in a couple of year’s time.


Yours, for the last time as OC XI(F),



Mike Tetlow


Original signed