"Flying People"   By Graham Perry

And we thought he was just fixing broken aircraft !

Graham Perry, who many of you will know, was SEngO on XI from 1974 - 1976 and was later OC Eng at Binbrook from 1981 - 1983.

Well, Graham has gone into print with " Flying People"  a paperback with illustrations by figment - the Banksy of the aviation world.

" Flying People is a wry look at the last fifty years of a century of flying, and especially at the character and determination of the people who, during that time, have made it a safe, everyday event. Because flying could so easily end in tears, it is a serious business - and aviation's people have developed their own way of dealing with its many challenges. They are problem - solvers, they are conscientious, they think and work as a team, and they readily share the lessons from their mistakes. Most of all, they dispense a cheerful cynicism as they defeat anyone and anything that threatens safe flying. Flying people have brought about safe, affordable ways of flying the world's people everywhere. This book celebrates them all "

Graham has sold over 800 copies so far. If you would like a copy they are available at 13.95 from

             http://www.keapublishing.com/kea_aviation.htm  and you can use paypal.

Alternatively Graham has indicated, that for Squadron and Association members, he may well be able to give a discounted rate and will also make a 1 contribution  to the RAF Benevolent Fund for every copy sold. Please email iainsmall@btinternet.com and I will forward orders to Graham.