New Photos from Geilenkirchen


Geilenkirchen in 1963 - B Flight shower prior to 4 ship formation practice. Our latest recruits John Galley is 2nd from the left and Peter Goodwin 3rd from the left.


Thanks to Roy Evans - Javelin Nav for the photo !


2 more photos that have been very generously sent by John Field, son of OC 3 Squadron Wing Commander John Field. The article below from Roy Evans is all about this Royal visit !


OC3 Sqn Wing Commander John Field with HRH Prince Philip and Station Commander "Tubby" Rixson



Station Commander Group Captain " Tubby" Rixson to the left , OC 3 Sqn Wing Commander John Field to the right.

Wing Commander to the centre ? Is this OC XI Squadron ?



11 Squadron Javelins in formation with a 3 Squadron Canberra for a Royal flypast .


A Tale from Geilenkirchen

Roy Evans, Javelin Navigator.


                               On 04=12=1964 HRH Prince Phillip descended upon RAF Geilers - -literally so. Using his well known callsign of "Rainbow"he approached the ATC tower in a comms. chopper, saw all the" wheels" lined up in front of the tower to greet him, so overflew the tower to land in the carpark beyond, producing an undignified rush of said wheels, all togged up in greatcoats, to get to the chopper before he descended onto the carpark! Next, starting on the east side of the base, he went to inspect 5Sqn. also flying Javelin mk. 9's. The CO of 5sqn. was Caryl Gordon, who taught HRH on the basics of piloting! Prince Philip did not have happy memories of this event, so went straight past Caryl, who was hoping for at least an AFC if not a knighhood, inspected the troops, then moved on to 3sqn. flying Canberra B8's; the name of this CO escapes me but we'll call him Boss! Boss had been told to completely clean up his hangar, but being a free-thinking chap had decided to only steam- clean one half of it, put up a wall of shiny green paper, known to us all as being used by the paintshops to mask paint off.
In the dirty half of the hangar Boss placed old, dirty equipment, Airmen who were without decent No.1 Best-blue uniforms, & told them to be very silent whilst HRH was visiting. Philip entered, saw the Green Wall, unsheathed his ceremonial sword & proceeded to slash into said wall. When this collapsed, HRH greeted the erks, told them to" Carry on" , & left the hangar leaving behind some very red faces.
After lunch, which passed off rather well, Phillip went onto his last call, the Westside kids of XI Sqn. A practice pairs-scramble of the Battleflight was laid on, & HRH was invited to hit the button & scramble the chaps. By this time snow was falling quite heavily, but away we scrambled, onto RW 27, Leader was F/L Rod Walk, who decided that we should use a 20 second stream due to the snow. Halfway down the RW Rod experienced stick-shake due to air in hydraulic lines & called" aborting takeoff". "Why are they stopping?"" HRH asked our XI Boss, W/Cmdr. Bill Marriot. Quick as a flash Bill said "No diversion airfiels Sir!" At this point I and my pilot M/Pilot Bob Kelly lifted off into the grey murk, so HRH then said to Bill "Then where the B****y Hell are they going to ?"
RAF Geilenkirchen took some while to recover from that shambles!!                                    

    There must be thousands of tales waiting to be shared- so all you budding authors are welcome to contribute a few amusing lines ( anonymous if incriminating !!)