"Lightning Up"    By Alan White

"Air Vice-Marshal Alan White (XI Squadron 1968-1970) has written a book about his time in the RAF. Entitled "Lightning Up", it covers the years 1953 to 1987. Starting as an embryyonic fighter pilot, embarrassingly rated by his OCU as "Below Average" in air-gunnery, he went on to improve a bit - and learn to shoot properly. His fourth consecutive spell on Hunters took him to Singapore and to minor flair-ups in Thailand and Brunei. Two years after returning to the UK he was in Aden at a time of growing terrorist activity working for the C-in-C Admiral Sir Michael Le Fanu. Back again in the UK he did two tours on Lightnings, the second one as squadron commander. Promoted to Group Captain he was appointed to command RAF Leuchars. Later as an Air Commodore he served in the MOD, at HQ 11 Group and, during the Falklands conflict, at HQ Strike Command. On promotion to Air Vice-Marshal he was appointed Deputy Commander, RAF Germany, where he determindly flew every aircraft in the Command. His final appointment was as Commandant of the RAF Staff Staff College. His account is full of interesting flying detail and of the internal workings of the RAF. He pulls no punches and faithfully records his failures as well as his achievements."


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