More on Mascots

Definitely a nation of pet lovers.

This photo has been sent in by Harry Hewitt of " Burgess" the lion cub.

Burgess was also the Squadron Callsign out in Ceylon.


This is a crop of a superb all ranks photo of the Squadron in Ceylon whilst they were based at the racecourse.I will

upload this later.

The CO at the time was Wg Cdr R. N. Bateson who was later to gain fame by leading the Mosquito raids on the Gestapo HQ in the Hague.

Frank Proctor also tells me that the armourers in Burma kept a pet Mongoose called "Monty".

When I asked Frank which particular base this was at he recollected it went everywhere with the Squadron - presumably by



More from Wunstorf

Our latest recruit is Roy Lomas who joined XI in 1956. He recalls that the pup mascot ( photo sent by Nick Lee) was quite a size by the time they disbanded at Wunstorf. He was looked after by a Fg Off Keegan. And we used to complain about time consuming secondary duties !!