The original emblem of the XI Squadron badge was a single Eagle surrounded by a Laurel Wreath, but in 1937 this was considered unsuitable particularly as the Eagle appeared to have a damaged wing!

The Chief Air Historian was tasked with providing a more suitable emblem. In his reply he stated - “It may be said that Eleven Squadron during the war always went swift and straight to the heart of their job”. It was also noted that the greater proportion of the Squadrons operations were carried out in two seat aircraft. Twin Eagles were thus chosen and combined within the above remnants to form the present badge, which after signature by HM King GeorgeV1, was presented to the Squadron on the 4th December 1937. However, the original emblem is still in use, being worn by the XI Squadron ground crew as their “Op Badge”


In 1945 XI Squadron designed an “unofficial” Legs Eleven Badge. The original was beaten out of an Indian Anna coin and reputedly featured the legs of Ginger Rodgers. Silver copies were made by CMH of Calcutta and were worn by Squadron personnel while based in Burma and Japan.
Exact replicas have recently been made and are worn by present day Squadron and Association members.