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Dec 19th

News   Seasons Greetings

Events Reunion 2014

News   Geilers Update

July 29th

News    Annual General Meeting 2013 Minutes

July 21st

News   New Members

News   A tale from Geilenkirchen

 July 13th

News   Lightning Scramble at Bruntingthorpe

February 24th

News   Updated information re Vernon Evered

News   New Members

Events Date announced for Annual Reunion 2013

December 24th

News    Seasons Greetings and Round Up


News    Leo Hook RIP

September 3rd

News    Vic Morrison RIP

August 15th

Events   Victory services Club Gathering Cancelled

August 13th

News    Harry Geddes RIP

July 12th

News     Lightning Scramble !

June 28th

Events  Responsibilities ! 

News    Ken Harding RIP

June 21st

Events  Victory Services Club Gathering 2012

News    Alec Maule RIP

June 18th

News   AGM 2012 Minutes

May 26th

News   Tony Large DFC RIP

April 25th

News   Tom Curtis RIP

April 15th

News   Congratulations and Changes

April 14th

News   Burma Fund Update

April 7th

News    Ted Nance RIP

April 7th

Events   Reunion 2012

March 27th

Events  Reunion 2012

January 8th

News   Arrangements for Timba Wood

December 28th

News   Timba Wood RIP

December 25th

News    Seasons Greetings

December 1st

Events  2012 Annual Reunion - Date announced

November 10th

News   Bruce Spurr RIP

October 17th

News    Tony Damer RIP - George Kearns RIP

October 12th

News    New Members

October 10th

News    Update on The Burma Fund

October 9th

News    Report from the 2011 VSC Reunion

July 7th

Events   Date announced for 2011 Annual Reunion

April 1st

Events   2011 Reunion Postponement

December 31st

News     Best Wishes to all for 2011

News     Date announced for the 2011 Reunion

October 26th

Events   Invitation to 2 Non Association Events

September 29th

Events   Victory Service Club Gathering Report

September 12th

Events  Victory Services Club Final Details

August 26th

News    Group Captain Ian Thomson RIP

August 24th

News    In Memoriam - Vernon Evered

July 30th

News     Burma Fund Update

July 13th

Events    Victory Servics Club Event Update

July 7th

News      Victory Services Club Event 2010

June 15th

News      READ THIS   Burma Sponsorship Fund

Events    Victory Services Club Event 2010

May 31st

News      Sqn Ldr K R Jackson RIP 

May 27th

Events    Report from the 2010 Reunion at RAF Coningsby

May 9th

News      2010 Reunion - AGM Minutes - First photos

April 16th

Events    2010 Reunion - Transport Arrangements

News      95th Anniversary Glassware - Whisky

March 11th

Events    Annual Reunion 2010 - Invitation and Forms

March 5th

News -    New Members

February 28th

Events -  Annual Reunion Update

February 18th

Events  -  Annual Reunion - Dates and Format 

February 6th

News   -   Tony Preston 25 Squadron  

January 5th

Feature -  When I was on XI - 4th Feature - Nick Lee from Wunstorf

January 2nd

News -     Leuchars Aircrew 1969

December 24th

News -     Seasons Greetings

November 25th

News -     New Members

News -     Squadron Photograph from Ceylon

News -     More on " Legs" from Wunstorf" Keeper found...

November 19th

News -     XI Squadron - Japan 1946-1948

November 14th

News -    New Photos from the North West Frontier

Feature - "When I was on XI" 3rd Feature - The Steinhager Mutiny - Nick Lee

October 29th

News -    Annual Reunion 95th Date Change

October 17th

Feature- "When I was on XI"   2nd Feature - Tony Blackman

October 6th

News -   New Photos from Geilenkirchen

September 30th

Events - Annual Reunion 2010 - 95th Anniversary - Date announced

September 27th

News - John Horsfall

September 24th

News - Standard Presentation Report

September 16th

News - New Photos from Wunstorf - Schleswig

September 15th

News - Standard Presentation Details

September 11th

News - More on Mascots

News - Welcome to new members

August 31st

News - Squadron photos from Wahn 1949

Features - New Series Launched - Episode 1

August 26th

News  - Legs XI Badge being remanufactured

News  - Lightnings at Bruntingthorpe this Sunday 30th August

August 24th

Events - Letters from the Squadron regarding Standard Presentation

News Birthday Honours - Belated congratulations

August 11th

News - New Lightning book announced

August 7th

News  -  Squadron Mascots

August 2nd

News  -  Fassberg Revisited - Welcome to a new member and new photos.

August 2nd

Events - Timing announced of the Standard Presentation parade

July 21st

News Date announced for Squadron Standard Presentation

July  14th

News - " Flying People "  A book by Graham Perry

June 15th 2009

News -  Birthday Honours for Two of our Members

June 9th 2009

News -  Request for members to update Contact details

June 5th 2009

Events - Presentation of the new Squadron Standard - Postponement of Victory Club event

June 5th 2009

News - Changes at the Association - Changes at the Squadron

June 5th 2009

News - Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2009

April 5th 2006
News - Lightning Preservation Group Open Day May 3rd 2009

December 21st 2008
News - Advanced Tactical Leadership Course

October 30th 2008
News - Reunion 2009 heads-up

July 26th 2008
News - President taken for a ride!

July 6th 2008
News - Mini-reunion announcement

July 2nd 2008
News - Typhoon proves it's Air-Surface capability

April 10th 2008
News - XI Squadron celebrates XXV

January 28th 2008
News - Typhoon 1st bomb drop

November 10th 2007
News - Typhoon 'Bear' intercept

May 4th 2007
News - XI(F) Squadron stands-up - full report

March 29th 2007
News - XI(F) Squadron stands-up
History - Updated History, Bases & COs

June 4th 2006
News - Association Newsletter - this years Reunion

November 14th 2005
News - XI(F) Squadron Disbandment - a letter from the Boss

November 5th 2005
News - XI(F) Squadron Disbandment

July 30th 2005
News - Reunion 2005 review

May 30th 2005
News - Updated "Snippets" - Reunion Raffle details

April 11th 2005
News - Updated "Snippets" - obituaries

February 6th 2005
News - Reunion 2005 - more details from Ted Threapleton

January 16th 2005
News - Updated "Snippets" - Reunion 2005 details

October 9th 2004
News - Reunion 2004 review

August 6th 2004
News - XI(F) Sqn to disband - a statement from the squadron

July 25th 2004
Gallery - 6 new photos added

May 24th 2004
News - Tornado nose-art - a splash of colour
Gallery - Added a range of desktop wallpapers (2 sizes in .jpg format)